Family Groups

1. WHEN do you gather?
2. WHERE do you gather? 
3. WHO is your gathering geared toward?
4. HOW can folks best contact you?
5. WHAT is the intent of your gatherings?

Steve and Beth Moore

  1. Every other Thursday @ 7 pm
  2. Moore house (3364 Hartston Dr, Lexington, KY 40515)
  3. Anyone (Someone to hang with kiddos would be appreciated)
  4. Contact Steve (859-321-9218) / or Beth (859-221-2745) /

  5. Build community gathering as the church one week and being the church in the community God has given us on the "off" weeks - neighbors, co-workers ...

Matt and Jenny Hogg

  1. Tuesday nights @ 6 pm
  2. Hogg house. Contact Matt for address.
  3. Anyone (Someone to hang with kiddos would be appreciated)
  4. Contact Matt (859-420-4644)
  5. Grow closer to God. Invest, engage, grow relationships with spouse and kids!

Adam and Ashley Braun

  1. Every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm
  2. Braun's house (1004 Turnberry Ln Lexington KY 40515) (near veterans Park out Tates Creek Rd).
  3. Anyone
  4. Text or call Adam (859-230-3838) or Ashley (843-819-5334)
  5. The intent is to glorify God, magnify His Son Jesus, and edify one another by building relationships and delving into the truths of Scripture.

Pam and Butch Vernon

  1. Every other Tuesday at 7:00 PM3025 Our Tibbs Trail in Masterson Station
  2. Anyone
  3. Contact Pam (859-327-9041)
  4. Study the Word together and discuss how God has been working in our lives so that we might get to know one another better as we get to know the Lord better. 

Joel and Carly Hamm

  1. Every other Thursday at 5:30PM
  2. 720 Delong Road Lexington, KY  40515
  3. Anyone
  4. Contact Joel (513-550-2504) 
  5. Studying the book of Judges

Viorika and Nik Kopets

  1. Wednesday at 7:00PM
  2. Contact Viorika or Nik
  3. Anyone
  4. Contact  Viorika (253-332-8242) or Nik (253-332-8241)

By opening our doors, our ComCity family has an incredible opportunity to glorify Jesus throughout week. If you desire to open your door for gospel-centered community, contact us.
Here are a few more gatherings that you can be apart of throughout your week.

Young Married Couples Gathering
1. Every other Wednesday evening at 8 pm
2. The Bacelieri home, 2916 Spurr Rd
3. Married Couples
4. Text Brian Bacelieri (859-433-9320)

5. Bible study following the current sermon series, fellowship, and spend time praying together.

Monday Night Golf
1. Mondays at 6:30 PM
2. The Golf Club of the Bluegrass (Par 3)
3. Men's Gathering
4. Andrew (502-680-0567) or Trey (859-893-2187)
5. Casual fellowship with one another. No dress code required. 10 dollars needed for course fee to play until dark.

Prayer Team
1.  Sundays at 10 am in the office
2.  429 Columbia Ave (BCM Building)
3.  Anyone
4.  Travis (859-806-1591)
5. Prayer for our Sunday morning gathering

Commonwealth Connect
1. Sundays at 10 am in the worship center
2. 429  Columbia Ave
3. Anyone
4. Butch (859-553-0462)
5. Study the word of God together through Story-Telling

Elder-Led Prayer Morning
1. Tuesday's at 6:00 AM
2. 429 Columbia Ave / BCM Building
3. Led by our elders, everyone is welcome!
4. Text Curt Vernon (859-553-1500)
5. Praying for the city of Lexington, Intercession, and praise of what the Lord has answered